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Leveraging over 60 years of combined experience in the workforce Lion Consulere founders are inspired to share their learning lessons. Having worked in a variety of environments from the public sector in law enforcement to the private sector in Fortune 100 companies, the founders use their collective expertise to help others shortcut the path toward success.  Lion Consulere cares about making information accessible and digestible for everyone. In this fourth industrial revolution (4IR) there is no reason skills for personal, career, and business success can't be shared with the masses. It only takes the smallest spark of desire to ignite the flame for determination. Lion Consulere is ready to receive those that are determined to learn, grow, and develop. Let our passion for caring carry over into your life.

The Founders

Each an expert by their own right, Ely & Beth bring into the light the secrets to succeeding in life, career, and in business. Constantly seeking new opportunities Ely & Beth continue to develop their skills but are now making their experience and expertise available to others.

Ely is an expert in leadership and business management with over 20+ years of progressive leadership in global program management, large-scale corporate security management, law enforcement, entrepreneurship, business ownership and organizational change for three Fortune 100 companies.

Ely has led the security teams of some of the largest corporations in the world, including Apple, Facebook, and Google. As well as functioning as a CEO for a startup in the money services business, Ely hosts a regular motivational podcast and blog named Ely's Echo.

As a lifelong learner, heĀ has a doctorate in Organizational Change & LeadershipĀ from the University of Southern California, and holds a Master of Applied Leadership & Management and Bachelor of Science in Communication from Arizona State University.

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Beth is an expert in instructional design and content delivery with over 25+ years of progressive expertise in course creation, adult learning theory, and instructor development in the public and private sector.

Beth has taught tens of thousands of hours of customized instructional content, using adult learning theory, to law enforcement professionals and at some of the largest corporations in the world including Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Ebay, and Google.

As a lifelong learner, she is has accrued dozens of specialized certifications within law enforcement including an Advancement P.O.S.T Certification, attended advanced specialized trainings school to include training with the Marine Corps Recruiting Depot (San Diego) and holds a Bachelor of Science in Communication from Colorado Christian University.



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